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EBRS 2021



EBRS 2022 is gratefull to the following institutions and organisations for their support of the XVII Congress of the European Biological Rhythms Society




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July 24th to 28th, 2022

The European Biological Rhythms Society is dedicated to understanding the essential roles that biological timing plays in all living organisms, the mechanisms at the many levels of biologic organization that produce temporal change, and the importance of alignment of sleep/wake and solar cycles for human health, performance in school and in the workplace.  The EBRS supports a forum for the exchange of ideas, access to the latest cutting edge research, and dissemination of new knowledge aimed at understanding the mechanisms and significance of biological timing through 

  • Its interactive website
  • International biennial congress
  • Specialized topical CARE conferences
  • Commitments to education and student development
  • Broad communications with government, industry, and the public at large

EBRS organizes the EBRS bi-annual meetings for its members, affiliated and guest societies, as well as interested scientists from Europe and the world. In addition to learning about the cutting-edge research conducted in laboratories all over the world, this meeting also creates an ideal platform for exchange between scientists, institutions and industry partners. Industry partners are thus invited to present themselves in numerous ways to a large scientific audience. The EBRS bi-annual meeting is one of the largest international events in the field of chronobiology and sleep science, and usually attracts around 400 scientists from all career stages. For the 2022 edition, in collaboration with the Japanese Society for Chronobiology, we expect more than 450 participants that use daily techniques ranging from molecular biology and biochemistry to optogenetics, microscopy, and electroencephalography, and model systems from cells to transgenic animals to humans!  They would love to hear about your new products!

Reasons to get involved     

  • One of the largest international events in the field of chronobiology and basic sleep science worldwide
  • European scientists from a large number of disciplines including Cellular and Molecular Biosciences as well as Neuroscience, Genetics, Proteomics, Experimental Pharmacology, Chemical Biology, Microscopy, Biophysics, Physiology, Bioinformatics and many more will be present, along with members of their laboratories.
  • Direct contact with opinion leaders from the field as well as young scientists developing their career: Specific target groups can be reached.
  • Industry exhibition with 30+ exhibitors is highly valued and attended
  • Numerous opportunities to get your company and its products recognized
  • Exhibition lottery with an interactive approach to insure that our industry partners get even more interactions and new contacts at their booths.



  • Different sponsorship packages with exclusive benefits
  • Booth reservation in the industry exhibition area
  • Specific services for advertisement

All options are listed in our booklet Sponsoring & Exhibition (PDF, 1 MB)